Beach volleyball, spa and party limousine bus - the perfect ingredients for Gothenburg's most spectacular hen party!

Is it your turn to plan the next hen party? Let us present the perfect alternative for a bridal party in Gothenburg, regardless of the weather or time of year: Beach Center + Treetop Spa & Hangout.

Beach volleyball and sand between your toes at the Beach Center

Start the day with beach volleyball at the Beach Center, where the weather is always perfect. After a review of the rules, the tournament leader will guide you through the first hour. When you have played for two hours, the winner, Queen of the beach, is crowned. If there is anyone in the gang who does not want to play, they can cheer on from a deck chair next to the game or hang out in the Beach Bar. The game is followed by burgers and french fries.

Party limousine bus to Treetop Spa & Hangout 

Treetop's own party limousine bus will pick you up outside the entrance at the Beach Center, and drive you directly to Treetop, which takes about 20 minutes. Enjoy cool music, the light show and smoke machine on board the limo. Once at Treetop you will be surrounded by a magical view of Gothenburg's skyline and a steam sauna with starry sky. There is also a classic dry sauna, a heated outdoor jacuzzi, lounge and sun deck - all reserved for you. Music is played and you can choose to play your own music list. Let our staff focus on your well-being - a magical spa experience consisting of party & luxury for all the senses!

The price includes:

  • 2 hours beach volleyball
  • Tournament leader 1 hour
  • Burgers + chips (veg. alternative available)
  • Coronation of a winner - Queen of the beach
  • Transport with party limousine bus to Treetop (ca 20 minutes)
  • Treetop Spa 2 hours

Price: see our separate group price list.

  • Minimum 15 persons in Kronan (The Crown). Minimum 8 persons in Gläntan (The Glade), Utsikten (The View) or Vedbrasan (The Campfire).
  • Cancellation no later than 14 days before arrival
    If you want to continue with a limousine bus to Gothenburg's nightlife - let us know when booking and we will arrange a really good price!
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