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Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies to Treetop Spa Hangout & Hotel's handling of data protection regarding website users. Treetop places a high value on the privacy of customers using our services and we strive to offer them a safe and secure user experience.

We strive to understand the needs of the customers who use our services and to create information that best meets their interests. To achieve this, we collect information related to users of services from various sources, for example, about their actions on our site. Data processing enables us to generate added value for our customers.

In this summary, we explain in more detail how Treetop collects and uses information. By using the services provided by Treetop, the customer accepts the processing of the data described here which is also a prerequisite for using the services. In addition to these terms, the terms and conditions presented on each service provider's website apply to the services provided by our partners (for example,, and

Data processing

Treetop's data processing principles and practices respect the privacy of customers, partners and staff and comply with national data protection regulations, including the requirements and principles set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We process personal data due to a customer relationship, agreement or consent and in accordance with the law. In addition, data can be processed for marketing or other similar purposes. We primarily collect personal information from users when they make a reservation on the website. We may also collect information about customers who use our services in the manner described below.

We process data for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy related to customer information. We only process personal data to the extent necessary for the stated purpose of each registry. In order to facilitate risk management, personal data are classified based on how critical they are. We process personal data for purposes such as realizing services, delivering orders and improving the user experience through customized products and events (such as event recommendations and personalized offers) and targeted digital content. In addition, we process data to analyze resources, correct problems, prevent fraud, develop the company and support product development.

If identification of individuals is not necessary, the information may be collected or anonymized for purposes of producing marketing statistics.

The requirements for privacy protection made for processing personal data have been made known to the company's partners and subcontractors. In addition to the processing we carry out ourselves, we may transmit and disclose information relating to our user services to third parties, for example to service providers, to enable the production of the service. We can also send advertisements for events and services from our partners. In addition, we may disclose information to authorities in accordance with applicable legislation.

When processing payment information, we comply with applicable laws and conditions that have been set and monitored by the payment institution.

The use of Cookies and similar technology, as well as device-specific location information

We may collect and use behavioral information relating to users of the Services through Treetop's online services. Cookies and other similar technologies can be used to collect data relating to the user's computer and other devices. Cookies are small files that are sent from a website and stored on the user's computer to enable the digital service to perform actions such as remembering the user's password and username for later visits, with the consent of the user. They contain an anonymous numeric ID that we can use to calculate the number of browsers that visit our site. Mobile devices use numeric IDs similar to cookies in terms of their operating principle. Cookies and other similar technologies do not damage the user's device or files. They cannot be used to spread viruses or to browse stored files on the user's hard drive.

We collect information in an automated way about surfing behavior (such as duration and time of the visit, search phrases and words and the search engine used to access the site), the site and technical issues related to the user's computer or mobile device (e.g. the operating system, the geographic location and the browser).

We use the information collected with cookies and other similar technologies for purposes such as improving the visibility of our services, producing more customized marketing content and customizing the content of our services and marketing messages. Treetop's ads may be targeted to users of third-party services (such as Google) based on the user's visit to our website.

If the user has registered for a digital service, behavioral information may be linked to personal data collected from the user in other ways, provided that the user is personally notified. Several of the services can be used without registration. If the user has not registered for any digital service, we cannot link information collected with cookies to the user's name or other information provided by the user.

Personal information collected via the chat service on our website is used to maintain the customer relationship, to make order inquiries and to develop the customer experience and customer service. The following personal information is collected via the chat service:

  • Customer data (such as name, email address, telephone and mobile numbers, customer identification numbers)
  • Business customer or partner information (e.g., name, city, phone and cell phone number, email address)
  • Content in chat interaction
  • User IP address
  • The user's Google Analytics ID from cookies

Collected personal data and chat interactions are stored in the chat service provider's system for three months.

The travel company's service providers or third parties (advertisers and advertising networks, media and marketing agencies, analysis and monitoring services) may collect information about surfing activities in connection with visits to the services. Similarly, we may use behavioral information collected outside our own website. We use Google Analytics marketing features (remarketing and similar audiences, Google Analytics audiences and topics reports). We take various physical, electronic and contractual measures to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to the information collected with cookies and that our service providers do not use the information for their own purposes. We also strive to ensure that third parties have undertaken to comply with applicable laws and guidelines for self-regulation. But we do not monitor third party practices and do not take responsibility for them. The Internet is an open system that makes it impossible to guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot circumvent security measures or use the information for unauthorized purposes.

We can use community links on our services, including Facebook's Like button, whose content comes directly from Facebook. Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other similar service providers may collect information about the user's visit to the site in accordance with their own terms.

Some cookies remain on the user's computer after the user leaves the site. If they are not specifically deleted, they may remain on the computer for months or even years after the last visit to the site.

In addition to behavioral information, Treetop may collect anonymized information about the geographic location of the user's device. This location information can be used for statistics and geographically targeted marketing, provided that the user has given consent for the use of the information.

How the user can influence information collected using Cookies

Users can disable cookies in their browser settings if they do not want us, or our partners, to customize our marketing or content based on their browsing behavior. By regularly deleting cookies, users can change the identification code used to create a user profile. However, removing cookies does not prevent the collection of information; instead, it clears the profile that is formed on the basis of previously collected information. Users should note that deleting or disabling cookies does not prevent advertising on Treetop's digital services and may interfere with or prevent the use of the services. Deleting or blocking cookies is always device specific.

Other influence options available to the user, including the right to inspect and correct personal data and prohibit direct marketing, are described in more detail in the Privacy Policy, which can be read separately.

Changes in terms and contact information

We reserve the right to change the cookie policy described here and to update the terms accordingly. For questions related to the policy, users can contact us by e-mail to [email protected]

This description was last updated on January 16, 2020.