The Corona virus

Safety and health are our top priority, and permeate the operations of the Treetop Spa Hangout & Hotel. Due to Covid-19, we have therefore taken extra precautions to make you feel safe with us.

Hygiene is important to stop the spread of corona

  • We carefully follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations to maintain good hygiene and be a safe place to be. We have extra cleaning rounds, put a lot of focus on cleaning hotel rooms, offer hand sanitizer in public areas and regularly disinfect contact surfaces such as door handles, remote controls, hotel keys, bathrooms, light switches and much more. Cleaning staff wear gloves.
  • There is clear signage in common areas to remind to keep your distance.
  • All employees have received information about Covid-19 and what is required to prevent the spread of any infection.
  • We encourage both guests and employees to stay at home if they feel the least bit ill, and not to visit us if you have recently been abroad.

Buffets can be replaced with plate service

The food handling has also changed - instead of the evening buffet Monday-Thursday, we offer plate service, and the same applies to the breakfast buffet if desired.

Covid-19 does not like chlorine

You can feel safe in our spa areas. There is no indication that Covid-19 can be spread to humans through our various pools. We chlorine according to the Swedish Public Health Agency's directives and recommendations to the levels of chlorine that ensure that all bacteria and viruses are killed, which means that Covid-19 dies when in contact with chlorinated water.

Cancellation policy

We offer rebookable and non-rebookable options when you book a room or package with us. It is important that you read the cancellation policy carefully so that it does not come as a surprise if for some reason you need to cancel your stay. With some of our package deals, it is possible to add a rebooking guarantee.

  • Spa bookings: regular cancellation for full refund is 2 weeks before arrival. If you are late, we offer free rebooking if possible.
  • Conference: the trade association Visita's cancellation rules apply.
  • Private individuals: prepaid / non-refundable bookings made on the website can not be rebooked.
  • If you book a room through another provider, such as, Expedia or, their cancellation policy applies.

We and our industry colleagues are hard hit by the corona pandemic. We hope that the pandemic will soon be over, and just want to remind you that we are making these efforts to protect you and our employees and to minimize the risk of spread.

Welcome to Treetop - we need you more than ever!


Safe to Visit