Enter into a world high up among the treetops.

In a world high up among the tree tops, beautiful views, lush greenery and a relaxing environment await you.

Treetop spa

Harmony Spa - cozy hangout for couples and groups

Harmony Spa is located in our hotel building. A cozy place with jacuzzi, sauna, relax and treatment rooms. When you book your stay on our website you get a 50% discount on Harmony Spa.

Harmony spa

Relaxing spa treatments

Enjoy a classic Swedish massage or aroma spa massage.

sköna spabehandlingar

Treetop Spa - a unique spa venue in Göteborg

Welcome to Treetop Spa!

At Treetop Spa there are two spa facilities - Treetop Spa on the mountain and Harmony Spa in the main building. They have different characters, different target groups and are as different from each other as can only be imagined. Common to both, however, is the love of water and the fantastic experience.

Treetop Spa - among the treetops

Treetop Spa, Hangout & Hotel is your unique venue for meetings, conferences, staff parties, kickoffs, wedding parties or for a fun-filled weekend with your best friends. Featuring 4 separate areas with hot tubs, jacuzzis, saunas, massage and lots of good food and drinks - in the midst of stems, branches and leaves.

We are happy to pick you up and your colleagues / friends with our limousine bus - a perfect way for everyone to start the event at the same level.

Book a place today and take your company or friends to an unforgettable environment among the treetops. Only a stone's throw from central Gothenburg.

Treetop Spa is open Friday and Saturday for private individuals. Please book a place so we can heat up the saunas and pools. For pre-booked groups and conferences, the Treetop Spa is also open Monday to Thursday.

Please note that some areas in Treetop SPA may be reserved for a certain period of time and that you may then be moved to another vacant area. If it is full in Treetop SPA for a while, you can enjoy Harmony SPA until Treetop Spa is available again.

Harmony Spa - a cozy hangout for groups and couples

Harmony is our indoor spa, located in the hotel building. A cozy place with jacuzzi, sauna, relax and treatment rooms. When you book your stay on our website you get a 50% discount on Harmony Spa.

Treatments by authorized spa and skin therapists

Treetop offers beneficial treatments for the whole body. In our unique environment, we give you an experience beyond the ordinary. Our knowledgeable staff creates a personalized treatment for you according to your needs and wishes. This makes each visit with us unique. Harmony Spa has several treatment rooms where you can enjoy various types of massages, facials and waxing. In our store you can also shop exclusive spa products.

Treetop Spa is a fantastic experience all year round. But during winter, extreme and/or prolonged low temperatures can mean that showers, WC and steam sauna up on the mountain can freeze. However, Jacuzzis and wood-fired saunas always work. If something freezes, there are alternative WCs and showers, and also a steam sauna in the Harmony Spa in the main building.