A vision starts by turning your eyes upwards. Not down.

Innovation requires a great deal of entrepreneurship. And then an even bigger dose of pertinacity.

Dare to turn around the concepts. Build vertically when others stay down on the ground. Do something highly personal when so many others are just following the stream. Create your own world, but keep it open to everyone.

This is a place of fellowship and socialization rather than individualism and introverted solutions. A place that is permissive, inclusive and full of experiences. A place with a twinkle in the eye instead of cucumber slices on the eye lids.

For a few decades, our spa and hotel creation have grown, with our feet firmly on the ground and branching up towards the sky. The result is a different experience with swimming, socializing, partying and hanging among the tree tops or in the newly built hotel, restaurant and meeting rooms. A piece of reality escape, in the middle of everyday life.

So turn upwards, towards the tree tops. That's where you will find us.