Already in 1984 Tony fell in love with the area that would become Treetop Spa, Hangout & Hotel. At that time, the hotel was called St Jörgens Hotell and consisted of the small building on the left, if you stand in the street in front of the hotel.

Over the years, the hotel has expanded and in recent years with the greatest focus on what Tony loves most of all - water in all its forms. The Treetop spa is unique, filled with jacuzzis and wood-fired saunas along the mountainside. And in the main building, which will be completed in 2020, there will be both pools and jacuzzis, and even more treatment areas for spa guests.

- I'm a true entrepreneur, says Tony, laughing. Treetop is my dream that is now being realized, a place for joy, fellowship and laughter. Quite simply - a more enjoyable spa.

Presently there are some 25 hotel rooms at the property, some in the old building, and our most exclusive rooms up on the mountain, among the treetops. Soon it will be expanded with 7 new hotel rooms that will be something really extra. The idea is to move down the mountain and into the building, creating a common concept for the entire property. To our aid, we have had designers from reputable Stylt Trampoli who laid the foundation.

Treetop Spa is a family run hotel, where Tony and his wife Silvana work in the business. Over the years, the hotel has also been named Elisero Hotel and Aquarius Spa.